Products covered 9 product lines, more than 200 varieties,新宝GG登录网址开户。 products are widely used in power generation equipment,新宝GG登录网址开户。 industrial water pumps, ships,

Agricultural machinery, construction machinery,新宝GG登录网址开户。 automotive and special machinery industries,新宝GG网站。 to provide customers with innovative products,新宝GG国际在线。 systems and solutions.



Engaged in R & D, design, manufacture and sale of diesel engines and their components and diesel generator sets

With large & medium power systems as core, high end and intelligence as innovation driver,新宝GG注册中心。 we are committed to building an innovative dual-engine model of "market + technology".新宝GG登录网址。 Our products have obtained many national patents,新宝GG24小时服务。 ...

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About Us

The ultimate man, assembled into a team

Different personality, different background,新宝GG最新网址。 same dedication,新宝GG登录网址开户JiangsuKangwoPowerTechnologyCo。 same blood

They are energetic, they are tough,。 they love the products, and they pay tribute to the quality!

They have the depth of every detail of the paranoia, they challenge themselves in the sublimation.Ltd。,gg。

There are more likely, you······

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